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QtFuzzyLite is a commercial and closed-source application to visually design and operate fuzzy logic controllers using the FuzzyLite Libraries. You can download it and check it out for free in the Downloads page.



ALL the features from the FuzzyLite Libraries plus you can:

  • Benchmark your fuzzy logic controllers.
  • Simulate the operation of your fuzzy logic controllers at any frame rate based on data that you can: manually input into the Editor, retrieved from Files, or even using Client/Server communication over TCP/IP.
  • Plot the surface of your controllers in 2D for any pair of variables you choose, or automatically create R scripts to generate it using the ggplot2 libraries.
  • Use beautiful combinations of colours to display and export your controllers: FuzzyLite (Default), Alpine, Desert, Lake, Mountain, Twilight, and Volcano.
  • Better visualize your variables with Integral, Cardinal, Ordinal views.
  • Design your controllers with multiple rule blocks and activation methods.
  • Easy and intuitive Editor of Variables, Terms and Rule Blocks.
  • Export every component to the FuzzyLite Language (FLL) in one click.
  • Manually or automatically sort the terms of any variable.
  • Show predefined templates when importing controllers.
  • Easily duplicate linguistic terms with options: Manual, Range, Symmetric, Next Term.
  • Show tooltips with valuable information, and Vertical or Horizontal guides.
  • Visualize \(\tilde{y}\) or \(\mu(y)\) in Output Variables.
  • Seamlessly use NaN and Inf values in components.

Please, read the End User License Agreement (EULA) before purchasing a license.

Your purchase is an implied agreement that you accept the conditions expressed in the EULA.