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Thank you to the community whose feedback and support has always been great to continue improving the libraries.

Thank you to every user and organization who contributed purchasing licenses of QtFuzzyLite and the FuzzyLite libraries.

Thank you to the European Centre for Soft Computing, the Foundation for the Advancement of Soft Computing, Sergio Guadarrama and Luis Magdalena for their support creating the first version of fuzzylite.

Thank you to Dean Morrissey for his feedback on testing the operation of fuzzylite and validating its results; Adrien Cabarbaye for his feedback on discrete terms and feature requests on output variables; Massimo Canonico for his feedback on his experience and usage of fuzzylite in its early stages; Eva Millan for her feedback, ideas, and suggestions on rule chaining; Johannes Schauer for his work making fuzzylite directly available from Debian repositories; and Leonela Gazzano for her suggestions on activation methods.

Thank you to Pablo Cingolani (JFuzzyLogic), Linda Markowsky (Octave Fuzzy Logic Toolkit), Roger Jang (Matlab Fuzzy Logic Toolbox), Edward S. Sazonov (FuzzyEngine), and their respective collaborators for open sourcing their great libraries.

Special thanks to Mengjie Zhang and Mark Johnston (Victoria University of Wellington, New Zealand); Oscar Cordón (European Centre for Soft Computing, Spain); Maritza Bracho, Carlos Lameda, Belkys Lameda, and Rubén Parma (Universidad Centroccidental Lisandro Alvarado, Venezuela); and Yelitza Oviedo, Jorge Rodríguez, Edecio Freitez, Luis Alvarado, Jesús Contreras, and Oswaldo Hernández (Universidad Fermín Toro, Venezuela).