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Thank you for your kind words.

There is no API documentation as of now, unfortunately. Once I get time, I will write some, but for now, you can read the code and should not be too hard to follow.

It is definitely possible to import a fuzzy engine and use it. In fuzzylite 5.0, you can do:

Engine* engine = FllImporter().fromFile("path/to/file.fll");

In addition, you can export the data to a file using the FldExporter, specifically, one of the following two methods:

 virtual void toFile(const std::string& path, Engine* engine, int maximumNumberOfResults) const;
 virtual void toFile(const std::string& path, Engine* engine, const std::string& inputData) const;

The first divides the values of the input variables such that the total number of combinations is at most maximumNumberOfResults.

The second takes the input values separated by spaces (or tabs) and each is the input value for the input variables in your engine. You can use it as:

FldExporter exporter;
exporter.toFile("path/to/yourFile.fld", engine, contentsOfFile);

where contentsOfFile is the data read from a file, the engine refers to the engine previously imported using FldImporter and “path/to/yourFile.fld” is the file where the output values will be written.

You can also configure the FldExporter, please check the source code of FldExporter.h and FldExporter.cpp. Both should be self-explanatory.