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you should use QtFuzzyLite to help you with this kind of issues.

The term Limit and Perfect are not triangles but Ramps. Check in QtFuzzyLite the difference between Triangle and Ramp. Basically, Ramp yields a membership of 1.0 after the limits it is defined, whereas a Triangle does not.

InputVariable: Availability
  enabled: true
  range: 85.000 100.000
  term: Limit Ramp 95.000 90.000
  term: Very_Low Triangle 90.000 95.000 98.000
  term: Low Triangle 95.000 98.000 99.000
  term: Average Triangle 98.000 99.000 99.900
  term: High Triangle 99.000 99.900 100.000
  term: Perfect Ramp 99.900 100.000