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I think you should modify existing terms instead of recreating them, thereby not requiring to add new rule blocks every time. In fuzzyRGBTest, go over all the terms, modify their parameters, and keep going. In addition, you add the rule block in initCodebook and not in fuzzyRGBTest. This should significantly increase performance.

Very true.
Since fuzzy terms are pointers, modifying their inner values directly affect the terms set in the variable once in initCodebook(). I don’t know why I didn’t do it in the first time.

Furthermore, you could create multiple engines, divide your frame into regions, and assign each region an engine. Each engine would run in a separate thread, thereby utilising multiple cores in parallel, which would vastly increase the performance.

Definitely. If the process speed doesn’t get sufficient enough after previous enhancements, I shall multithread the code. This development is not for production, but research. Btw, I didn’t see any bibtex entry for your work. Could you provide one if you want your work to be referenced ? Oops. That was on the home page. Sorry, my bad.

Thank a LOT.