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thank you for your post. I am not familiar with loading symbols from PDB file in debug mode, but you can always recompile fuzzylite. If you do, please let me know if I can add something to the CMake configuration to allow this. Also, let me know of any bottlenecks you may find.

I think removing some dynamic_cast<> (or replacing them with static_cast<>) can improve performance, not sure by how much, though. For example, if you are not going to utilise rule chaining, you could remove dynamic_cast<OutputVariable*> in Antecedent::activationDegree(). Alternatively, you could add method to Variable to determine whether it is Input or Output, hence replacing dynamic_cast<>s to type() == OutputVariable and then using static_cast. In addition, you could get rid of other dynamic_cast<> in Antecedent::activationDegree() by adding boolean method to Proposition. I will review these cases in the current version in progress, but would be very helpful to know if you find significant performance improvements in doing so.

Also, could you please post an example of your controller? Maybe I could suggest something on its design.