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Hi rgranot,

thank you for your post and interest in fuzzylite.

To answer your questions,

(1) You can export the engine to a FuzzyLite Dataset using a custom file for input values.
(2) Go to File/Export to/FuzzyLite Dataset, and choose the file containing the input values (option From file). See attached Figure below. This way, you will obtain the outputs of your engine with the given inputs in the file. The format of the input file is flexible: each line represents an evaluation, and spaces are utilised to separate the values for each input variable. In line X, The first N values will correspond to the first N input variables, and the remaining values will be ignored.
(3) The code for fuzzylite is available at github.com/fuzzylite/fuzzylite
(4) You can create an algorithm or use XSLT to format the resulting FuzzyLite Dataset into HTML.

FLD exporter - QtFuzzyLite

Hope this answers your question.