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the result you obtain is the correct result. I understand your expectations, but the Centroid defuzzifier computes the centroid of the fuzzy output, which in in this case is at 0.844. If you want to obtain 1.0, you need to move the centroid of your linguistic term GOOD. For example,

OutputVariable: OUT
  enabled: true
  range: 0.000 1.400
  lock-range: false
  aggregation: Maximum
  defuzzifier: Centroid 100
  default: nan
  lock-previous: false
  term: POOR Trapezoid 0.000 0.000 0.200 0.400
  term: AVERAGE Trapezoid 0.200 0.400 0.600 0.800
  term: GOOD Trapezoid 0.600 0.800 1.200 1.400 #Extend centroid to 1.0

This can be better seen using QtFuzzyLite: