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Hi Hugo,

thank you for your post.

The error messages you show seem relative to C++11. Assuming you are using fuzzylite 5, you should pass the following flag to CMake
-DFL_CPP11=OFF to disable C++11 and compile with C++98: cmake .. -G"CodeBlocks – MinGW Makefiles" -DFL_CPP11=OFF.

Also, I have never compiled fuzzylite using MinGW and I am not sure it would compile. Please, let me know if you manage to compile fuzzylite on MinGW and if tweaks were needed to do so. You might want to try compiling for NMake files instead of MinGW using cmake .. -G"CodeBlocks - NMake Makefiles".

Lastly, I have never used CodeBlocks or the CMake exporter to CodeBlocks. In fact, I think you do not need to export to CodeBlocks project. My advice would be to build fuzzylite from NMake files , and configure your project to include the fuzzylite libraries and headers. Is there any reason in particular that you want to create a CodeBlocks project for fuzzylite?