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Dear Juan,
thank you very much for your fast and kind reply. I was some days out of the office so I can reply only now. Sorry for the incomplete description of my problem.
A little bit simplified my engine is a heating unit in a room. Output of the controller is the heater power. But the heater should not only stabilize the current room temperature in a certain interval, it should also take into account the expected weather conditions of tomorrow and the expected tomorrow energy costs.
So for my fuzzy control, which I would like to use for a time step simulation, I have two different kinds of input values. First, external parameters (weather – W, costs – C) which I can provide to the controller e.g. as a file in the QtFuzzyLite Simulation tool.
Second, the room temperature T. I imagine the calculation as follows:
For the values Tn, Wn and Cn (at time n) the fuzzy controller calculates the heater power Pn. This Pn changes the room temperature to Tn+1 according to a room model. Together with Wn+1 and Cn+1 (from the file) this Tn+1 should be the input for the next controller calculation.
Is it possible to solve this problem using only QtFuzzyLite-Tools? For example, can I use the file monitor option of the simulation tool? How does it work? Is there an interface to make Pn accessible for external software?
I’m not very familiar with C++ programming. Up to now all my attempts to compile a FuzzyLite project with VS2017 failed…
Many thanks and best regards