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thanks for your post and very good questions.

Currently, what matches your description the most is to use QtFuzzyLite to read (and monitor) a file. This file would have to be written and maintained externally (e.g., using Python to get the SQL data and write it into the file). Since the file will change, QtFuzzyLite will notice the change and retrieve the data.

You can use QtFuzzyLite to export using the FuzzyLite Dataset Exporter (FLD) [Menu: File/Export to/FLD]. Here, you can select an FLD file containing the input values. These input values will be used to compute the output values. You can also select to export the inputs and outputs to another FLD file. You can use OpenOffice’s SpreadSheets/MSExcel to easily filter an FLD (e.g., define what variables you want, and so on).

I really like the idea of the workflow you suggest, and I intend to implement something alike, but it is not in my priorities at the moment, unfortunately.

Kindly let me know if I can help you with anything else.