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Dear Tim,

Thank you for your kind words, support by purchasing a license of QtFuzzyLite, and great feedback.

I am sorry I do not have any further documentation to offer you on QtFuzzyLite and the usage of the user interface. Perhaps the best option would be for me to make a video introducing the new version. I will add this to my list of pending tasks.

In the meantime, you are more than welcome to request help in our forums, where I and others will be happy to help. Also, maybe you would find useful the source code documentation available at http://www.fuzzylite.com/documentation, which could help you relate the concepts to user interface and the options that you have available there. There is more documentation on the libraries coming up, but it is under review at a journal right now. Maybe in one or two months it will be available.

Thanks again for your post and for your support.