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    Thanks Juan!
    It looks like you’ve worked a lot with this software. It looks promising and something I’ve been looking for a long time.
    I’m no genius on “typewriter programming” so thats why visual programming tools are very welcome.

    What I want is to be able to implement FuzzyLite code in the Arduino environment. Is it something that you think FuzzyLite be able to do in the future?

    Maybe it is possible to modify the C ++ code to fit the Arduino language. But so good is not my programming skills … yet.


    Hi Odox,

    Thanks for your question. I hope to provide support for Arduino later this year. At the moment it is not possible given that operators new and delete and exceptions are not supported by Arduino. I already have an idea to work around such limitations, but it will take me some time to be able to export Arduino C++ code.


    Nice Juan!
    I will follow the development of Fuzzylite whit great interest!



    I just found you site, and am bouncing off the walls! I noticed that you planned to provide a port to Arduino “later this year”, and was wondering where that stands. I am certainly willing to support the development by buying my license.


    Hi Bobb,

    thank you for your post. I intended to work full-time or part-time in fuzzylite for the rest of the year, but I am still raising funds in order to be able to do so. At the moment, in my spare time, I am focused on releasing the updated version of jfuzzylite later this month.



    Found your site looking for Arduino fuzzy code. Great app!

    I am using Qtfuzzylite to figure out how to program Arduino code using the eFLL (Embedded Fuzzy Logic Library) at

    That library has a subset of your functionality. It should be easy to convert one of your formats to eFFL. I’m only using the stuff EFFL supports.

    FYI, if your not familiar with the Arduino and eFFL capabilities I was surprised to find their 3 input 1 output fuzzy example program on the lowly Arduino Uno only use 40% of program space and 20% of dynamic ram.


    Couldn’t get the link to post. Here it is:



    Hi Mike,

    why would you want to use that library instead of fuzzylite?


    The first is that is was setup for immediate use in the usual Arduino package so I could have a quick look.
    The second was that the Arduino Uno only has 32k of rom and 2k of ram. Thought I read that the fuzzylite required 300k for the library. I guess the whole library doesn’t end up on the arduino. I’ll look into it. That would be much better!



    Hi Mike,

    I had the idea you could not use fuzzylite in Arduino because there you cannot use the heap, that is, allocate objects with Object* o = new Object();.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 13 total)
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