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    Hello Juan,

    I am currently a master student and need an open source library for fuzzy logic, so i found fuzzylite.
    First, thank you for the hard work in this library and for the documentation which encouraged me to use it.
    Second, i succesfully installed the library and used it, but i have a problem that when i try to use the debugger it gives me the following error:
    Traceback (most recent call last):
    File “/usr/lib64/../share/gdb/python/libstdcxx/v6/printers.py”, line 558, in to_string
    return self.val[‘_M_dataplus’][‘_M_p’].lazy_string (length = len)
    RuntimeError: Cannot access memory at address 0xffffffffffffffe9
    Do you have an idea how to solve it, since i need to debug into the code so i can use it more efficintly.

    Thanks for your help


    Hi Rana,

    Unfortunately, I do not have much experience debugging in C++. I rarely use gdb, but cannot recall having any issues. For debugging, I always use FL_LOG("x=" << someValue) to report the variables which I think might be causing issues. What tool are you using for debugging?

    You bring to my attention that the Traceback goes to printers.py. If you are using pyfuzzylite, you should definitely stop using it. The library fuzzylite for Python was a project I started to play with Python, but have not had any chance to go back to it. I plan to do it this year, though.




    This is a long shot, but perhaps you would be able to debug your application if fuzzylite was built in Debug mode using cmake . -G"Unix Makefiles" -DFL_DEBUG. Unfortunately, in Debug mode, fuzzylite version 4.0 outputs too much information to console. I will provide better control on the amount of information in version 5.0.


    Hi Juan,

    Thank you for your help. The debug is working now, i just modified the command a little to work:
    cmake . -G”Unix Makefiles” -DFL_DEBUG=ON

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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