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    Hi Juan,
    I’ve added several new features to fuzzylite 4.0 that we needed for our app. In the spirit of opensource, below is a link where you can see/grab the patches if you want to include into future versions. (We are on a code freeze, so no upgrade to 5.0 is planned for a long time!)

    I’m sure some of them you would not be interested in, but maybe others you are!

    1) Modify the Rule parsing engine and output variables with a option to specify a delay (eg if power is high then in 5 minutes set fan low). The delay is exported on the outputvar class.

    2) update the rule parsing function to allow Terms to accept a argument (needed for 3 below). Eg: if now is greaterthan(9pm) then…

    3) add a new term to handle time passed in as Seconds since 1970. We have greaterthan, less than and equal operators. It uses the variable parsing in 2) and can handle different formats of date/time strings.

    4) make rules, variables, terms etc case insensitive.

    5) (to be committed soon) – change all the logging/debugging etc so we can pipe it to a logging class to handle in out application rather than std::cout/Cerr. (Bad form todo that in a library by the way – our app closes those FD’s so fuzzylite wasn’t able to print any diagnostic etc message.

    The commits implementing these changes can be found here: http://stash.my-ho.st/stash/projects/IHAN/repos/fuzzylite/commits

    (The final commit bumps the version and name, just so we don’t collide with the official fuzzylite. – I hope you don’t mind).

    Obviously the IMEX stuff is not fully tested with this (as we don’t use it) and there is still a bit of rough edges around the dateTime Term, but it’s cruised passed our UAT last week with flying colors. (Unfortunately the client got frustrated with the stock fuzzylite implementation as it wasn’t intuitive to end users with the original workarounds or language rules we told them to follow)

    Thanks for your great work! When this finally goes production, I’ll send you some $$ as thanks for a great library.


    Hi Fishwaldo,

    thank you for your post and patches to FuzzyLite. Please, excuse my late reply. I will revise the patches as soon as I have a chance.




    Hi Fishwaldo,

    could you please contact me on my email address jcrada@fuzzylite.com? I do not have your email address.



    Hi Fishwaldo,

    I am off for holidays and wanted to clear up the misunderstanding before heading off. I apologize for not making myself clear enough. By saying “I understand it was not your goal”, I meant that I knew the lack of license and author attribution was not intentional whatsoever, but rather an unintended mistake. However, it is still against the license and it could be misinterpreted as such. I am happy that you found the library useful and that you contributed your piece of work to the community as well.

    I erased our previous messages to avoid misinterpretation.


Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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