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    Hi. I found some problems with the API document. I was checking the features (Linguistic terms, activation methods etc) and found a few typos. Like this one. Where the first line should be s=e. This example is just broken. I think there are a few more examples than that, but sorry that I don’t have a comprehensive list, I guess you’ll have to check every one yourself?

    Also the S and T norms are all missing. At least I could see what should have been the documentation from the github.
    Speaking of which, clicking on github file links are all broken. Have to find the proper github page from Google.

    Also an addition that I thought would have been great. The example graphs on the term pages are nice, but an example syntax usage (in other words, what it would look like in the fll file) that matches the graphs written under it would be cool to have.



    thanks for your post and correct suggestions.

    If you install doxygen in your computer, you could generate the documentation locally and probably have access to the source code files. All you need to do is execute doxygen from the root directory of the repository.

    Also, it would be really appreciated if you could address the typos and create pull requests against master.

    Thanks again for your observations and for using fuzzylite.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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