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    Dear Juan Rada-Vilela

    Good day for you

    I am new in this field , ab i liked your tutorials about Fuzzylite and i would like to use it in my work .

    I am facing the following problem, will be thankful if you will help in solving it:
    i downloaded the software, but i do not know how to install it, there is no setup icon or some thing like that, what to do?/to have?/requirements? to install the software and design fuzzy with it

    waiting your answer

    Kind regards



    thank you for your post.

    If you are interested in the fuzzylite library, you can find documentation at http://www.fuzzylite.com/downloads on fuzzy logic control. For installing, you can check http://fuzzylite.com/cpp/.

    If you are interested in the visual application, namely QtFuzzyLite, you can follow the (old) video tutorial at http://www.fuzzylite.com. The application is an executable which you can download for your platform at http://www.fuzzylite.com/downloads. You have to purchase a license to use the most recent version.


Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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