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    since version 4.0, qtfuzzylite does not link properly anymore on the following system configuration:
    – Ubuntu 12.04 LTS
    – use qt4
    – fuzzylite only backtrace enabled
    – qtfuzzylite no debug, use_float

    All linking errors are related to “undefined reference to” for any call in the source, for instance:
    > CMakeFiles/qtfuzzylite.dir/src/About.cpp.o: In function `fl::qt::About::setup()’:
    > About.cpp:(.text+0x1798): undefined reference to `fl::fuzzylite::fullname()’

    Furthermore, there’s another small issue about the generated ui_*.h files from the ui xml format from qt. Infact I needed to copy manually these (generated in the “build” directory) into fl/qt path (or a path setting to include the build dir is missing…)


    Correction on the first issue:
    apparently fl-shared is not a path to the folder, but the path to the target library. Is it correct?



    yes, fl-shared is the path to the target library.

    I would recommend you make sure to clean CMake derived files using the clean.sh file.
    Also, I think you will have trouble building from source using -DFL_USE_FLOAT=ON. If you do, please use double precision instead by setting -DFL_USE_FLOAT=OFF or just not using the flag -DFL_USE_FLOAT (by default is OFF). I am working on some compiling issues I found using floats instead of double.



    thank you for providing feedback!

    Indeed, there were errors building fuzzylite 4.0 using -DFL_USE_FLOAT=on.
    I have fixed them and updated the sources.
    Please, download the sources again from http://www.fuzzylite.com/downloads and let me know if your issue was resolved.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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