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    Greetings and Happy New Year 2014 Juan,

    First of all, allow me to express my gratitude and appreciation for the great job you had done here for FuzzyLite.

    I have already installed inside my laptop using Ubuntu platform, and I’ve tried to run from the Ubuntu Terminal. What I did was to test it with the following command: –


    It came out

    usage fuzzylite [-i] [-if] [-o] [-of] [-ex] [-max] [-sep]

    Let say my available parameters are the following: –

    -i ==> TestFuzzyLiteInput.txt
    -if ==> HD.fis
    -o ==> TestFuzzyLiteOutput.txt
    -ex ==> m for Mamdani

    and I’m not sure what to put the following: –

    -max ==> ???
    -sep ==> ???

    Do you have any example that can help me for the above?

    Hope to hear from you soon.


    CF Kwong


    Hi CF Kwong,

    thanks for your words.

    fuzzylite [-i] [-if] [-o] [-of] [-ex] [-max] [-sep]
    -i is the input file where your controller is described (e.g. MyFile.fll)
    -if is the format of the input file (e.g. fll)
    -o is the output file where you want to export the controller given in -i
    -of is the format of the output file
    -max is the maximum number of results to produce when exporting to FuzzyLite Dataset
    -sep is the separator to utilize when exporting to FuzzyLite Dataset
    -ex refers to the built-in examples mamdani or takagi-sugeno

    From these parameters, -if and -of are optional when the extensions of the input and output file clearly define the formats of the engines described. For example, -i MyFile.fll does not require the -if parameter since the extension is known, likewise with -of.

    fuzzylite MyFile.fll MyFile.fis #converts from FLL to FIS
    fuzzylite -i MyFile.fll -if fll -o MyFile.fis -of fis #is equivalent to the previous command
    fuzzylite -i MyFile.fll -o MyFile.fis #is equivalent to the previous command, -if and -of are redundant
    fuzzylite -ex m -of fll #shows in console the built-in Mamdani example exported to FLL
    fuzzylite -ex m -o MamdaniExample.fll #exports to FLL the built-in Mamdani example and stores it in MamdaniExample.fll
    fuzzylite -ex t -o TakagiSugenoExample.fll #exports to FLL the built-in TS example and stores it in TakagiSugenoExample.fll
    fuzzylite -ex m -of fld -max 1024 #exports the Mamdani example to FLD using a maximum of 1024 results and shows in console
    fuzzylite -ex m -o MamdaniExample.fld -max 1024 #exports the Mamdani example to FLD using a maximum of 1024 results and stores it in file

    In your case, I believe you want:

    fuzzylite -i HD.fis -of fll #or
    fuzzylite -i HD.fis -of fld -max 1024

    Let me know if it helps.


    Thanks Juan. It works just right.

    CF Kwong

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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