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The Best

The GUI is awesome! Much better than Matlab Fuzzy Logic Toolbox.The c++ library is also very easy to use as it is very cleanly written. I'm doing my final year project using it. It's the best library I could have found which is also open source 🙂
- Nayar Joolfoo

Great tool

Instead of laudation I wrote an example of application
- Witold Grabysz

Great library and GUI

FuzzyLite is efficient and simple to use. The library is well designed, and the interaction between the fuzzy model, the GUI and the code is really simple. Thank you!
- Lucas Hermann Negri

Data science researcher

This is the best fuzzy logic library that I worked with. High performance, good & rational object hierarchy and the qtFuzzyLite GUI are amazing. Thank you Juan for such a perfect work. Note: if you are a .Net developer the easiest solution is to convert java version to DLL using IKVM.
- Abbas Shojaee

Great library for Android

Really awesome library for Android very useful and easy to implement...
- Ajelet Rivera


Such an amazing tool, the GUI is simple and user friendly and to to have the feature of exporting your fuzzy engine to C++ and Java in that clear hierarchy distinguish the Fuzzylite in its field. I am currently using it in my PhD dissertation and research proposals and will make sure to cite it properly for others to get to know it and give the proper credit for the author for his great work.
- ahmad Al-zoubi


I really thankful to the author, because of this library i could finished my project, if this library doesn't exists, i don't know what should I do, hope best for the author.
- Ari Wijaya

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