The FuzzyLite Libraries for Fuzzy Logic Control

By Juan Rada-Vilela, Ph.D.

The FuzzyLite Libraries, namely fuzzylite 6.0 and jfuzzylite 6.0, are licensed under the GNU General Public License (GPL) 3.0 and under a paid license for commercial purposes. If you are using them under the GPL license, please consider purchasing a license of QtFuzzyLite to support the development of the libraries. If you want a commercial license of fuzzylite and jfuzzylite, please contact Please, download the libraries from the links below.

QtFuzzyLite 6: An application to design and operate Fuzzy Logic Controllers

QtFuzzyLite 6 is (very likely) the best application available to easily design and directly operate fuzzy logic controllers in real time. Available for Windows, Mac, and Linux, its goal is to significantly speed up the design of your fuzzy logic controllers, while providing a very useful, functional and beautiful user interface. Please, download it from the links below, and check it out for free!

Enterprise License Academic License Personal License Student License
$299.99 (NZD) $149.99 (NZD) $99.99 (NZD) $49.99 (NZD)
The Enterprise License is exclusively for use in private and public organisations. The Academic License is exclusively for use in universities and schools. The Personal License is exclusively for personal use (not for use in private or public organisations). The Student License is for students of all levels.

Licenses are sold for QtFuzzyLite 6.0. Prices are shown in New Zealand Dollars. Prices are for a Single License that is only valid for a single computer. After your purchase, you will receive an automatic email with your license. Each type of license is sold exclusively for its use within the stated domain. Any other use is prohibited. If you have any doubts about licensing, please contact If you need more than 10 licenses, please contact for special discounts. For commercial licenses of fuzzylite and jfuzzylite, please contact

State of the Art

Our results show that the FuzzyLite libraries offer the highest number of features, the most accurate results, the second best performance, and the second most documented source code, thus ranking them first for overall quality. The next libraries in the rankings are Octave, Matlab, and jFuzzyLogic (respectively).

Download Links: Sources and Binaries – Version 6.0 (Released: 20/03/2017)